Surplus Auctions

Retired PRECorp vehicles are on the auction block in special surplus equipment auctions on eBay. The 10-day auction will be held for vehicles May 5-15, 2017. The online bidding starts at 8 p.m. MST on the opening day, and closes at 8 p.m. MST on the final day.

The auctions are being held on eBay to give PRECorp members and non-members a chance to bid, regardless of where they are located. The eBay auctions increase exposure which maximizes the number of potential bidders.

The items below will be listed in the vehicle auction May 5-15, 2017:

(All decals will be removed prior to sale, trucks will be cleaned.)

  • 2009 Ford F350 with Fiberglass service body
  • 2009 Ford F350 with Fiberglass service body
  • 2009 Ford F250 Pickup with cab guard
  • 2001 Freightliner FL70 w/TL41M Telelect aerial lift
  • 2008 Ford F350 with Fiberglass service body
  • 2005 Ford Focus Hatchback

Notice to bidders:

Please obtain more information from the eBay listings, or e-mail These are the only sources of information on these items. Please do not inquire with our offices or outposts because they do not have information on these vehicles. Details of each unit along with pictures will be on eBay at the start of sale.

To place a bid:

You do not need an eBay account if you are not bidding, but
you must have an account and sign in if you want to bid.
How to access the PRECorp units on eBay:

  1. Go to
  2. At top of page to the far right click on “Advanced”
  3. On the “Advanced Search Page”, scroll down the page to “Sellers”
  4. Check the box titled “Only items show from:”
  5. In the blank box, type in: vehiclesinwyoming
  6. Click on “Search”, or hit “Enter”
  7. The PRECorp vehicles for auction will appear on the start date and time of the sale.

If you buy:

Once the auction ends, eBay will send out a notification to the winning buyer and PRECorp. At that point, PRECorp will e-mail the buyer with information on how to make contact, payment, and where to pick up the unit.