Surge Protection Agreement

Surge Protection Options

PRECorp’s Whole House Surge Protection Program protects members’ homes from power surges and lightning. A meter socket device breaks down incoming voltage to a level safe for the “white goods” within the home, including the washer, dryer, refrigerator, freezer, microwave and hard-wired HVAC systems.

In addition, there is limited warranty coverage for those items in the rare event that lightning or a surge is powerful enough to damage the surge protection device and pass through to damage the covered appliances.

PRECorp sells a small selection competitively priced surge protection that will protect your sensitive electronics that are not covered under the Whole House Surge Protection Program.  Each device features its own warranty.

If a meter socket device is damaged by a surge or lightning, PRECorp will replace the device immediately, and assist members in filling out a claim for the equipment. Please check with a Member Service Representative for further information as restrictions do exist on the type of device available based on the service size and meter location.

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