Residential Time of Day

Residential Time Of Day (TOD)

Powder River Energy Corporation offers special lower rates on off-peak electricity, from September through May, when you have an approved Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) device installed at your residence. Currently, this rate is approximately one-half the standard rate, so the savings can be significant.

The Basic Charge for Residential TOD is $25.50 per month for 200 amps and under; and $30.00 per month for service more than 200 amps. The energy charge for September through May is $0.08418 per kilowatt hour for 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.; 10:01 p.m. to 7:59 a.m. is $0.05980 per kWh. From June through August, the rate is $0.080875 all day.

What is ETS Heat?

ETS is a technology that allows the consumer to pay less for their heating energy. ETS works like a thermos bottle by storing heat until it is needed. The ETS heater is charged (heated) with lower cost, Off-peak electricity. It then releases its stored heat whenever needed to maintain the desired room temperature.

These heaters have been used successfully in Europe for more than 50 years, and imported to the United States for more than 20 years. ETS heaters are safe, clean, efficient and comfortable and they can be used to heat one room, or an entire house.

How Does it Work?

ETS heaters use special ceramic bricks with high heat retention characteristics to store heat. Conventional electric heating elements are used to produce the heat. When these heating elements are energized during Off-peak times, they produce heat to warm the room during this period and store enough heat for use during the next peak period.

Is ETS Right For You?

ETS is a wise choice if:

  • You are interested in substantial reductions in your heating costs
  • You are building a new home or home addition
  • You want to improve the comfort of your home
  • You are tired of the work and dirt of wood, coal or kerosene stove heaters
  • You want to add heat to a basement or addition without the extra effort and expense of installing chimneys and vent systems

ETS is Clean, Safe and Quiet

There is no smoke, flame, odor or dangerous gasses. No chimney is needed. Give up cutting wood and say good-bye to the wood stove’s dirt and uncontrollable heat. For more information about ETS, please click here.