What If The Lights Go Out?

What if the lights go out?

Outages happen. Snow, storms, high winds, traffic accidents, intruding animals, vandalism, equipment malfunctions and construction accidents are among the many causes of power outages.

We advise members to call PRECorp’s outage number at 1-888-391-6220, so we can determine the location and possible cause of the outage. If members heard any noise before the power went out, or they can see a tree in the line or damaged equipment, we ask that they report it.

The more information a member can report in regards to their location and outage circumstances, the better our crews are able to assist. PRECorp asks that members avoid downed power lines.

During a widespread outage, PRECorp will update Twitter, plus our integrated voice response system. We will also contact local media about restoration efforts.