Residential Heat Rate

Residential Heat Rate (RHR)

Through Powder River Energy, there is an affordable way to heat your home! Substantial fluctuations in the prices of natural gas and propane can make opening the home heating bill each month a painful experience. As other sources of energy continue to fluctuate and challenge the monthly budget, one source remains stable: electricity.

To help our members take advantage of our low rates, Powder River Energy offers a special electric heat rate. In the simplest possible terms the heat rate allows residential members to receive a credit for the electricity they use to heat their home between October and April. With our already low rates, that makes electricity the new affordable way to heat your home.

Can anyone sign up for the electric heat rate?

The heat rate is offered to residential members who have permanent electric resistance heat and/or an electric heat-pump space heating system. The rate is not available to seasonal loads or those individuals on the Time of Day (TOD) rate.

Heat Rate Form

Is there special equipment that needs to be installed?

Yes. You will be required to install equipment to meter the electric heat load separately from other usage in your home. If you don’t have electric heat, you can take advantage of PRECorp’s zero-interest loan through the Home Efficiency Loan Program to purchase and install an efficient heat pump or other electric resistant heating.

Can I install the equipment myself?

Installation by a licensed electrician is required. There is a simplified procedure to in­stall equipment to meter the electric heat load sepa­rately from other usage in the home. With the new meters, there is less wiring and time required for the procedure.

The equipment and installation must meet the standards set forth by PRECorp and local building codes.

Click here for Inside and Outside Installation Schematics

What will it cost to have the equipment installed?

Cost will vary based on the unique requirements of your installation.

How am I charged differently for electricity I use for heating?

The current residential rate for all kWh usage is $0.080875. For the months of October through April, you will receive a heat credit of $0.04198 per kWh purchased for electric resistant heat. The monthly basic charge for RHR is $27.50 for 200 amp service and $32.50 for services above 200 amps.

How do I get started?

Call our member service department at 1-800-442-3630 to discuss the rate or get more information.