Large Power Compression – Coal Bed Methane

Large Power Compression – Coal Bed Methane

This program is available to coal bed methane members who have compression loads with individual motors of 1,000 horsepower or greater. Members may take delivery at PRECorp’s transmission voltage at one point where the member owns the final transformation equipment, or multiple points of delivery to be metered at a single location.

Rates are a $600 per month basic charge with a demand charge of $1.05 per kilowatt at transmission, and $3.66 per kilowatt at distribution primary delivery.

Demand charges and energy charges are set in a Special Contract for Service.

Members with a mix of loads are subject to sub metering. Motors at or less than 1,000 horsepower will be served through Large Power CBM or Large Power Transmission CBM rates.

A billing demand is derived and power factor adjustment is applied.