Idle Line Retention Rate Tariff

Idle Line Retention (IS)

The Idle Line Retention Rate Tariff allows the member to have a meter disconnected and continue to pay a minimum charge to ensure the line is left in place. If you have an idle line on your property, PRECorp will contact you to find out whether you have future plans for this service or would like to have it removed. To retain the idle line, you will be required to pay the idle line retention charge associated with the type of service it was when energized, or the expected future need (e.g., residential, stock well, irrigation, etc.).

In order to reactivate a service on the Idle Line Retention rate, a reconnect fee will be charged, plus applicable deposits.

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Idle Line Retention Tariff document

The monthly rates are as follows:

Residential/Seasonal – $15.00
Irrigation – $15.00
General Service – $18.00
General Service CBM – $35.00
Large Power – $79.00
Large Power CBM – $100.00