Qualified Bidders List (QBL)

Qualified Bidders List

The pre-qualification process that has been established by Powder River Energy Corporation allows PRECorp to respond faster to maintenance and construction that may be required within its operations. PRECorp personnel will refer to a consolidated listing of pre-qualified contractors by trade, skill and resources. PRECorp will choose the lowest bidder, at its discretion, without questioning the contractor’s ability to perform, and to know that the contractor has already provided proper documentation that they are in good business standing.

Contractors who have not completed a pre-qualification will not be permitted to bid on PRECorp maintenance or construction work of any nature.

The pre-qualification applications are reviewed by an internal PRECorp committee consisting of personnel involved with finance, safety, legal requirements and job performance. Upon final review, a letter will be sent to the contractor that will specify the status of the application.

If you are interested in becoming a pre-qualified contractor, please download either the minor projects or major projects application that best applies to your business. Mail the completed pre-qualification application to the address on the cover sheet.

Major Works Application – Contractors that do high-risk or high-dollar work such as distribution, transmission, substation construction and tree trimming.

Major Works Renewal – Major works contractors that are already on PRECorp’s contractor database are required from time to time to send in updated information.  Please use this form.

Minor Works Application – All other contractors including electricians, general construction, weed spraying, underground locating, engineering services and others.