Sponsorship and Donations

Sponsorship and Donations

PRECorp Charitable Giving

Nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organizations may apply for one-time donations or sponsorships through Powder River Energy Corporation. The attached form can be downloaded and returned to PRECorp for consideration. Sponsorships for any amount are considered directly by PRECorp’s Marketing Communications Division. Donation requests under $500 will be reviewed by PRECorp’s Community Involvement Committee. Donation requests over $500 will be sent to the Powder River Energy Foundation and a separate application form will need to be completed.

Donations may also include door prizes, auction items or promotional items. Please allow a minimum of three weeks for review and processing of the application.

Sponsorship & Donations Application 

Precorp Sponsorships & Donations Request
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  19. For more information, email communications@precorp.coop