Powder River Energy Foundation

Powder River Energy Foundation

Powder River Energy Foundation is the charitable arm of Powder River Energy Corporation. Each year the Foundation supports various community projects, and looking toward the future, we envision a means to expand the community and member programs in which we are currently involved.

With this in mind, the tax exempt, nonprofit Foundation was established, and its funds are used exclusively for charitable purposes.

Primary funding for the Foundation comes from a program called Operation RoundUp®, which is administered by PRECorp.  This program allows PRECorp, with the consent of the member, to “roundup” each account to the next highest dollar.  These monies are then transferred to the Foundation for distribution by its board of directors. PRECorp currently serves approximately 28,700 meters; if each one of these accounts were enrolled in Operation Roundup at an average annual contribution of $6 per account, potentially more than $170,000 in annual donations could be distributed to our communities.  Funds are dedicated to projects in PRECorp’s service area, and donations are limited to nonprofit organizations such as schools and civic groups.

All contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible. The members’ year-to-date contributions are located on their monthly bill.

To apply for funds from the Foundation, please complete this application.

Foundation Application for Funds