By the Numbers

By the Numbers

Powder River Energy has a diverse portfolio of members ranging from large coal mines and coal bed methane to farm, ranch and residential meters.

PRECorp distributed approximately 2.6 billion kilowatt hours of power throughout its service territory in 2015. Approximately 38 percent of that is for coal mines, followed by 24 percent to CBM companies. About 26 percent of sales went to oil related and other industrial and commercial accounts. The remaining 11 percent of sales went to residential and irrigation customers.

Member Statistics (as of May 2017)

124 Full-Time Employees
Miles of Power Lines
Square-Miles of Service Territory
Meters; Meters by Rate Class – Residential/Irrigation 14,349, Coal Mines 38, Coal Bed Methane 1,448, Other Industrial/Commercial 11,211

Meter and Customer Count by County
Count of Customers and Meters by Rate