Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Powder River Energy has ten Directors, two from each of the five Wyoming counties we serve – Campbell, Crook, Johnson, Sheridan and Weston.

Powder River Energy Corporation is a co-op – which means it is owned by all the members. The board is elected by the members and the board makes big decisions. Members need to communicate their opinions, concerns, and questions to them as we all work together to build our communities for the future.

Email the board president if you have any questions or suggestions.

Walt Christensen, President, Newcastle

Reuben Ritthaler, Vice-president, Upton

Philip Habeck, Secretary/Treasurer, Oshoto

The other board members are:

Gerry Geis            Gillette

Paul Baker          Moorcroft

Mike Lohse            Kaycee

Bob Vergnani        Campbell County

Jim Baumgartner       Ucross

Pam Kinchen         Kaycee

Wade Larsen            Sheridan