Bylaws Article II

Article II


SECTION 1. Property Interest of Members
Upon dissolution after:

(a)    All debts and liabilities of the Corporation shall have been paid; and
(b) All capital furnished through patronage shall have been retired as provided in these bylaws, the remaining property and assets of the Corporation shall be distributed among the members and former members in the proportion which the aggregate patronage of each bears to the total patronage of all members during the next ten (10) years preceding the date of the filing of the certificate of dissolution.

SECTION 2. Non-liability for Debts of the Corporation
The private property of the members shall be exempt from execution or other liability for the debts of the Corporation and no member shall be liable or responsible for any debts or liabilities of the Corporation.

SECTION 3. Indemnification
In the event the facilities of the Corporation are interfered with, impaired in their operation or damaged by a member, or by any other person when the member’s reasonable care and surveillance should have prevented the interference, impairment or damage, the member shall indemnify the Corporation and its employees, agents and independent contractors against death, injury, loss or damage resulting therefrom, including, but not limited to the Corporation’s cost of repairing, replacing or relocating any facilities and the Corporation’s loss, if any, of revenues resulting from the failure or defective functioning of the Corporation’s metering equipment.